Agricultural Law

Agriculture and agribusiness drive the state’s economy.

Our attorneys come from agricultural backgrounds with hands-on experience in the field. Having this firsthand knowledge, we can provide our clients with effective advice. We have vast experience with the Farm Service Agency, Environmental Protection Agency and the USDA. State and federal regulations make agriculture more and more difficult. Farmers have become more sophisticated, requiring specialized legal advice in: taxation, production and sales tax, regulatory compliance, input and production contracts and employee matters. We represent co-ops, family farmers and agribusinesses in crop matters, livestock production, fish and egg production and general business matters.

  • Nuisance Defense
    Some neighbors may consider the sight or smell of your hog building or cattle yard as a nuisance to their property.
  • General Contracts
    Grower and producer contracts, weaner pig and sow contracts, and layer contracts.
  • Environmental Compliance
    EPA and DNR regulations require legal compliance for hog farms, cattle yards, waterways and buffer strips.
  • Packers and Stockyards
    Law that regulates swine and cattle brokers and enforced by Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, allows for bond claims if not paid.
  • Crop Insurance Claims
    Federal crop insurance claims are resolved through arbitration and lawsuits against the USDA.
  • Family Farm Litigation
    When family disputes arise between individuals farming together whether the farm is in a trust, corporation, or held between two or more family members.

Agricultural Law Practice Areas:

  • Nuisance defense
  • General contracts
  • Environmental compliance
  • Agricultural cultivation

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