Environmental Law

Environmental law affects virtually every aspect of life.

Malloy Law Firm offers attorneys that have focused their education on Environmental Law and Land Use Planning. We can assist our clients in matters affecting our natural environment through a complex combination of State, Federal and International regulations. We have assisted clients with issues regarding soil degradation, water pollution, flooding, and crop loss to name a few. Our attorneys can also offer expert advice regarding the purchase of land and its compliance with State and Federal laws.

  • Environmental Compliance
    Complying with State and Federal regulations regarding water quality, erosion control, air quality, CAFOs and other regulations
  • Waste Management
    Underground storage tanks (“UST”), manure pits, and manure management plans (MMPs)
  • Livestock Facilities Management
    Allowing your site to comply with regulations
  • Air and Water Permit Issues
    Required for most agricultural producers today, as well as construction firms and developers
  • Site Assessments and Phase 1 & 2
    Recommended in real estate transactions to ensure buyer protection against any environmental liabilities

Environmental Law Practice Areas:

  • Environmental compliance
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Livestock facilities management
  • Air and water permit issues
  • Site assessments
  • Manual management plans

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